Welcome To The Big Fish Bowl!

Welcome to the official blog of Big Fish Media, The Big Fish Bowl! I’m excited to finally start this blog and begin writing about anything and everything related to the web design and graphic design industry. Here are some of the things you can expect to see on this blog:

  • Tutorials on many topics such as graphic design, web design, databases, domain activity, and much more!
  • Latest news from the design world
  • Rating some of the top websites and designs in different categories
  • And much more!

I often search blogs for information to help me out with what I do for a living and I believe it’s time that I give back. I want to be a resource to help others as well as create an environment for others to voice their opinions about the work that Big Fish Media is doing.

For those of you that don’t know anything about Big Fish Media, please allow me the opportunity to tell you who we are and who we got started.

First of all, my name is Brett Foster and I started Big Fish Media in the fall of 2009. After 7 years working at a television station as a graphic designer, I began working at an architectural firm creating 3D renderings and animations. It was there that I began designing interactive presentations and learning about web design and development. Over the next 6 years my interest in web design became a passion for web design.

That led to me starting Big Fish Media. Over the past two years I have worked on some awesome projects and met some awesome people. It’s truly amazing to see how passionate other people are about their companies and organizations. I think that’s what makes my job so incredible… each time I create a website for a client, I get to be involved in their passion. It’s a very unique experience and I wouldn’t trade what I do for anything.

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